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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Well, nothing much has been up, really. I've just been really busy with school and gym. I follow a very repetitive routine every day 'cause if I don't, I'd be like a Bride-zilla on her wedding day. Haha


This was dinner in a resto along N. Garcia. I forgot the name of the resto but I loved it 'cause it's Italian. :) This was Vincent's parents' wedding anniversary! Congrats tito and tita!

The kid in the middle is Vincent's nephew, Nico. HYPER!!! I love Nico! He's my favorite haha!


OH MY GOD. THANK ANDY FOR BRING ME TO LONG ISLAND! She brought me there one afternoon and OH MY GOD it was "cheap heaven"! HAHA 70bucks for a meal this good!

And it looked like this after 10mins:



Jigger had his own art exhibit in Tala. CONGRATS!

Plus, I love the free henna tat. HAHAHAHA! Entertaining.

We celebrated papa's birthday in Cyma, Eastwood. Pollux was as always the apple of our eyes. :)
With Ninang
With Lolo


I bought old records that don't work for display in my room, and a new alarm clock. It's sooooo cute!

I hung out in My Breathing Place. It's where I bought my alarm clock. :)

TGang is still consistent.
I miss my PSID friends, and I'll be missing JAYME more 'cause she's going back to Japan! :(
Mish needs a hug. A very BIG one!
And I need to get some rest.

Hopeful to update more in the next few weeks, yes?

10:14 PM

Friday, July 17, 2009
In between

Some things are better left unsaid. It's just that, you wouldn't be able to understand. And just when I'm about to think I can live all by myself, I get greedy. I'm not asking to be understood, though. I just want to be in a happy state at all times. It's just not applicable at all times. Running away for as far as possible isn't considered cowardly, right? It just suggests that I'm not in my happy state and I don't want to ruin it for others.

4:50 PM

Thursday, May 14, 2009
A rush of blood to the head!

I went to the office this morning to get my field assignments. Went site visiting after in West Triangle then off to Makati for fabric swatches. First, I went to Weaves of Asia (Jupiter st.) then Townes (Pasay Road). Twas fun! Pretty fabricssss! Better experience than in Shell Canvas. Ang alikabok! Couldn't breathe properly there!

Anyway, then Nic texted that she has no more classes! So I met her up in THub, MiniStop! It's open, thank God!! May matatambayan na ko na mura lang yung kape! HAHAHAHA!

Nic treated me CHILLZ (coffee flavor). Nyam nyam! (mmm) Tenkz galpal! Then ate chicken! Another nyam nyam! (mmm) Then, it all started here. I BECAME SO muh-thu-fuh-kin *Brit accent* HYPER!!! CHILLZ and MiniStop chicken is a scary BUT VERYYYY GOOOOODDD combination! I love the feeling!! Or was it because I used Nic's spoon and fork? Hmmm...

SWINE FLU?!?!?!?!?!?! *tray-slam to my head*

And now my head hurts 'cause of the tray. De joke. 'Cause of my hyper-activeness! Hahaha! I was wearing a bonnet, to add my weirdness today. Hahahaha! So there. Maybe my head didn't get much air or oxygen.

MEGANON???? HAHAHAHA! Omg! I'm so scientific today! It's like I'm a muh-thu-fuh-kin genius tudai? *Brit accent*

HYPERACTIVITY, again seeping through my veins! I thought after urinating, I would've released every hint of it in my system. Oh well. I love the feeling!! Nic, you're my own personal brand of heroine. WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

OHMYGAAAAAAA Namiss ko bigla TWILIGHT! HAHAHAHAHA!! Kill me nooooowwww


The Promise - When In Rome
SUPER SUPER SUPER KADUPER weird! I experienced LSS without even hearing the song! I think there's a random playlist in my head, subconsciously being played. And now, I've been playing it over and over and over again for 2 or 3 straight nights! I wonder how the brain works. How can it store billions and billions of memories, information, songs and lyircs, faces, conversations, random nothingness, etc.? I'm amazed. :D

Anyway, I'm off to Bora in a few. I'm not even done packing yet! Vincent will pick me up at around 5am. Flight is at 11:40pm pa! But his family insisted that we eat breakfast all together. Oke! Sounds like a plan! :)

Will pack now! *eyebrows up and down* HARHARHAR!

12:24 AM

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Aren't we too old and mature for this?

It's just sad and disappointing.

5:10 PM

Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Extra sugar, extra salt, extra oil and msg!

Happy Birthday VINCENT!!!! Lavyoo :)

I surprised him (anticipated haha). I went to his house at 12mn and gave him 12 happy peanuts, 2 choco knots (since walang chocnut) and 2 coke saktos in a plastic. :D Cheap thrills never fail us! :) Plus I wrote him a song. HARHAR. Ok. Cheesy much.

My gift for him

Anyhoo, before that, I was in Katipunan with Nic and Nyko. :D Sorry to burst your happy bubble Nic. Sometimes we just have to be harsh. :/

We played with Maiqui after! I missed her soooo! :)

I love you Nyko. I love you Nic.

9:44 PM